Kooba Jessie bag lining?

  1. I recently purchased my first KOOBA, a belted Jessie bag from Bluefly. I am planning on treating the outside with Wilsons leather cleaner before I use it, but I was wondering about the bag lining.

    It appears to be suede, but I wanted to ask and make sure. It seems like it will get dirty realll quickly. I was wondering if it was the general practice to treat the bag lining in some way or to just clean it once it gets dirty?? And what products are suggested.

    And I thought I was having issues with my Coach legacy lining!!

  2. Congrats on your new Kooba....you're gonna love it. I have the Jessie in Blacka nd I love it!

    The lining is not real suede, it's actually Ultrasuede. I'm figuring most people are just super careful or just wash it if needed. I don't recall anyone saying they treat the inside lining, but most use Wilson's, Applegard, or Loving My Bags to teat the outside. The Coach products for leather can be too hard for some Kooba leathers. Hope this helps. :tup:
  3. I wouldn't use anything. Unless you are an exceptionally....uh...messy person, the lining should stay decent. If not, you can pull the lining out, carefully wash it with a mild shampoo taking care not to get the leather wet, and then blowdry it. I prefer the newer brown canvas linings myself but I never had a problem with any of my linings becoming dirty.
  4. I've never had a problem with the ultrasuede in my Jessie getting dirty, but I do resist throwing Crunchies, Flakes and Maltesers in there - they now go straight in my mouth, in order to keep my bag clean. That's my excuse!
  5. As long as you're reasonable careful, you shouldn't really have to protect the lining..and I'm not so sure I would mess too much with that suede...