Kooba Jessie 50% off @ Nordstroms!!!!

  1. why did I have to go and poke my nose in the store???? Only to find tables and tables of handbags on sale/clearance!
    I want the Kooba Jessie it is only $250!!!!!! I'll let you know if I score.....:p
  2. I'm sooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE, TOO!!
  3. All of you who don't have a Jessie.....YOU GOTTA GET ONE!!!! To me it would be a staple Kooba bag. It's not flashy , not dressie, not casual, not dull....it's just the perfect "everything/everyday" bag. It's small in appearance. Mid sized in actuality but holds more like a Large bag because the pockets take up the slack of all the little things you'd put in your purse. Eventually they'll be getting harder to find. Get yourself one now.

    This is the end of this public service announcement. Thank you. If it would have been a true emergency you would have been directed to which Website or Local Kooba dealer for immediate assistance. LOL
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. You and I are totally Kooba tuned...I think we have similar Kooba tastes ;) LOL
  5. ditto.
  6. Thanks, Lexie!!!
  7. Here here Lexie. I couldn't agree with you more. Kooba Jessies are wonderful and so practical. I love mine (in java), it's so easy to wear to work or with jeans and t-shirt. Those pockets are great. I keep having to stop myself from buying another. I already have the java and also the black, but love the look of the bourbon too and oh, the khaki looks fab!
  8. My Nordstom does not carry Kooba or on line, I do not see it, where is it? Thanks!
  9. Everyone......I have never, ever bought anything on eBay in my life, and I have shot off my mouth several times on this forum in various threads how I just would only buy a bag in person because I want to squish and fondle and pose with it before I buy it. But I just checked out the thread that Lexie pointed to, and there is an Ebano Jessie on there that is definitely calling my name. I am so afraid to bid on it. Actually, I don't want to bid on it. I want to buy it now for $199, but the seller doesn't show that option. You just have to look at the pictures to see what an awesome color that bag is in, plus, I love that python embossed leather. Wow....listen to me rant. I don't know what to do.
  10. I've got my eye on the Java Jessie. I'd like a smooth one since I have the pebbled one in Raisin.
  11. Do you ever see the raisin Jessie's come up on eBay?
  12. Gosh, there was a raisin Jessie at my local Nordstrom's on the sales table for $194 a few days ago. I'm rather kicking myself that I didn't get it, but I've been concerned that the Jessie was a little too small for me and wouldn't hold all my stuff!!
  13. I just checked at our two Saks stores near me. Oh yes, the Jessie is on sale at both places.....for $415.....until they are gone! I still don't want to pay $415.00. :crybaby: But....it is instant gratification!!!!!
  14. Jewlz, raisin Jessies are very rare on Ebay. I got mine there but it was eons ago.

    Raisin is such a great color, the best nearest bourbon in my mine.

    Will all of you please stop talking about how great the Jessie is! Now I want another color!

    *hands over my ears and eyes*