Kooba Jennifer and Hudson ($193 and $202)

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  1. I have the Kooba Jennifer in Black and Kooba Hudson in Mink Metallic sitting in my shopping bag at Shopbop....the Jennifer is $193, the Hudson is $202. If someone wants either let me know and I will release them from my bag. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes or so for it to show back up on the site.
  2. I'd love the Jennifer if you release it! Thanks!
  3. Just released it! It may take it little bit, but it will be back up in no time :smile:
  4. The Hudson is there now..
  5. Hmm...so tempted but I must resist.
  6. I haven't seen the Jennifer come back up yet, but it should be there soon! I released it right after I released the Hudson.
  7. The Jennifer is so gorgeous in person, hope someone gets it!
  8. Is the Jennifer up?
  9. is the hudson gone? i never spied it!
  10. I haven't seen it go up yet..the Hudson has been posted but not the Jennifer :confused1:
  11. I haven't seen either of them available.

    Bagatella, hope you get the Jennifer! I got mine last week (also from Shopbop) and I'm really happy with it.