Kooba Jaylin

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  1. I was torn between the Jaylin and the Jacinda and ordered the Jaylin. I really think I like it but don't have the Jacinda to compare in person. Anyone else choose the Jaylin?
  2. I like the jaylin because of the shoulder strap.
  3. I'm finding this bag really easy to use. Wearing it messanger style is super comfortable and it also works in the hand or on the arm. Pretty versatile. I think some might find it small-ish, but at 5'2" this really works for me. I just think the Jacinda looks great and was having the "did I get the right one?" thoughts.
  4. I just ordered both the Jaylin and the Jacinda. I just could not decide which size would be better for me. One will definitely be going back. I'll post pictures when they arrive. I'm so excited.:yahoo:
  5. Great! Can't wait to see your photos and your assessment of the bags.
  6. ^ It looks like they will arrive around the 18th. They were both on sale, so I figured why not at least see both irl. I hope the DH doesn't kill me when he sees two bags come in the same day.:angel::lol:
  7. Where did you find both on sale at the same time?? Lucky you - maybe you can keep both!
  8. ^^^ Active Endeavors had the Jacinda 30% off so it ended up being around $416 and Saks.com had the Jaylin 20% off with free shipping so it also ended up being around $416. I've been waiting forever to find one on sale and the Jaylin is impossible to find. The Kooba website still has both listed as "coming soon" which I don't get because it is the Spring collection - right?:confused1: Oh, and I wish I could keep both but I'm a huge BE fan and the Fall collection just came out. My poor piggy bank...:P
  9. I know...I've got a little "thing" for bags like everyone else here so it is hard to not consume everything we love! I look forward to hearing about what you think and what you end up with. Good luck!
  10. Can't wait to see them *suzi* and to hear which stays and which goes. Congrats!