Kooba Jackie

  1. Yowza!!!!!
  2. I love the cuoio colour! The leather looks really nice...just not keen on the style.
    I would like to see Kooba do a few more single strap bags. Maybe in a hobo style with a sienna-style whipstitched single strap...

  3. I think it is a very fashion forward bag and looks lovely.

    Do I want one, no, but will look for it at Nordstrom's next time I am in Columbus.
  4. I'm definitely going to check this out when it shows up at Nordstrom. Not sure I like it, but the leather looks like it might take the rain a bit better than some other bags.
  5. The leather does look good, especially in the cuoio. 19 inches, sure is big.
  6. The leather looks great, but the style just doesn't grab me at all. I really don't think I will ever be interested in this bag. I think I'll stick to the previous season's bags!
  7. Love the crackled leather, but to me the bag looks like a mess. Sorry to be so blunt...not very attractive in my eyes.
  8. ciatta........no apologies, please! In fact, after looking at this bag for a little while, I think it looks like Jabba The Hutt, suspenders and all!! :lol:
  9. Love the brown colour, leather looks great, but on the should of that model, it looks a total mess, like somebody just dragged it out of the bottom of the wardrobe and forgot to fluff it up...(sorry)
  10. Not crazy about the style of the bag...
  11. Here's a neat new pic of the Hilarie. Makes the bag look so much better. It's on JCM.

  12. That Hilarie looks bigger than I thought in that modeling picture.
  13. I have to admit these bags are looking better IRL oics. I love the crackled appearance of the leather. But that is no huge deal on the Dylan. If we wait, you could do much better.