Kooba Jackets???

  1. As I was paging through the September issue of Lucky, low and behold, I come across "Kooba branches out". Apparently they are now making leather jackets! That's all fine and dandy (and as expensive as the bags), but what about wallets, coin purses, organizers, etc. I would much rather have those accessories. Opinions?
  2. JACKETS?? Who the !@ needs a Kooba Jacket??? :cursing: I agree - wallets, coin purses...things to go into the Kooba bags....:push: Dumb. It's like Jimmy Choo making underwear...:roflmfao:
  3. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard!!!!

    i want a kooba wallet, coin purse, agenda, etc NOT a jacket!
  4. LMAO!!! :roflmfao:
  5. I agree, we want the accessories forget the jacket. I wonder why they havent done accessories yet? Wouldnt that be neat!
  6. No kidding! Jackets are OK but they'll probably run $1000+, which is why Kooba went in that direction and not to wallets and coin purses.
  7. i know GRR well when they see no one is buying their stupid $1000 jackets, they will wish they sold $140 wallets and sold 7 to us kooba fans and boom would have had their $1000's in 5 seconds seriously they would prob.. have $5000 in 20 minutes

    they'll be sorry :nogood:
  8. I do sort of wonder what goes into that kind of business decision. I mean, $1000+ jackets could fly out of the stores. Or not. You could be stuck with huge inventory. You'd think that wallets and such would be a lot less risky.
  9. I bet the Jackets are Out of this World expensive! I personally would like one in The Disco Ball Silver Color! LOLOL
  10. The one they have pictured is $595, but of course it has short sleeves! It looks like a shirt. They are going to be 'cooly wearable' jackets, according to the blurb, whatever cooly wearable is:confused1:
  11. Kooba jackets? OMG, I'm not impressed. We need wallets!

    Hey Lex, you're right, a silver disco ball jacket would be great. I'm sure we could 'pull' the Mike Myers of this world in a shot.
  12. I want a Jabba jacket........in shiny leather with suspenders!!!
  13. Short sleeves? :wtf:
  14. "Cooly wearable"? Would somebody just slap some sense into them? :noggin:
  15. Cooly wearable? Is that like Winter Gloves without the Fingers? Socks with no heels? A Bra with no cups? Why didn't they just make a leather shirt for goodness sakes.