Kooba in the new People

  1. Kooba was mentioned in the new People magazine on pg. 108.

    I guess Rebecca Gayheart has a Sloane and she said it reminds her of her husband (who is Eric Dane who plays Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy).

    It also said that Eva Longoria (who just married Tony Parker) got the new gold mirrored Parker Tote.

  2. Wow, so Kooba managed to give away ONE gold mirrored Parker tote. I doubt they'll sell many of those turkey roasting bags!
  3. Ha, ha! Funny! Give a few to the celebs.....that is a way of getting them out there! Not for me! They are so shiney that if I carried one in this Florida heat, I'd get blisters on my hands!
  4. I wasn't too impressed w/ that one either.....

  5. They need to give one of those Disco Balls to Lindsay. It will look fab with the steel bars and shiney silver toilet seats in her new room.
  6. So true, and just imagine it here in Saudi Arabia. It was 120F today and I'm sure that bag could cause fires! Oh dear, slap me, I need to stay on topic.
  7. I saw it too during my before sleep reading. We can each get one Rose, hold them out and like mirrors, beam each other messages across the state. Of course, then we might inadvertently spark another wildfire.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. lol, good one compass!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Good one, Lexie! But the question is...how will that bag look with her orange getup!!
  11. Well, it will definitely clash but where else will she stash her Cocaine?
    That girl is whacked. When she carjacked the car with the 3 guys in it and chased down her Assistant's mother, the police finally showed up and she told one of her "hostages"..."I'm a celebrity and I can do any F'in thing I want".
    So with that attitude, I think she can carry off that Big ball of tin foil with style.
  12. There are a couple of things you could do with those extra shiny Koobas:

    put it in the sun and fry your morning eggs

    or put it on your head to keep the alien radio waves from getting to you.

  13. Sigh....I really feel blue (but not my wallet) about the new Fall lineup. It's made the older styles much more appealing to me.
    I feel like Kooba lost it this year....but hopefully, they'll get the hint and start something really special in the spring...
  14. I'm with you JC. You'd think their purse designers would do their homework and do some market research or something. At least check out TPF for our feedback. LOL. We should volunteer to be product testers for them. Free bags for all!!! :lol:
  15. That's a fabulous idea!!!!!!!:okay: