Kooba in pebble or smooth?? Help?

  1. Hey Girls, I am totally new to this whole Kooba thing, I just know that I wanted one and won an auction on e-bay and now I am freaking out that it's not authentic? Who the hell knows? Did Sienna in black come in a heavily pebbled grain as well as smooth? and if so what color is the interior of the smooth bag? Any help would be appreciate?
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  3. Yes, the black Siennas came in smooth and pebbled leather. I think we recently discussed the color of the smooth black Sienna lining, and it comes in both lilac and olive ultrasuede (made in 2 different seasons).

    I hope that helps!
  4. If you post the auction # in Authenticate This I think you will get an answer. I know they came in smooth and bigger pebbled. Also lining done in moss green and lilac.