Kooba Hudson...WHOA! Look at that price!

  1. OK I like this one alot. I really like the color. But the prices have gone up. Oh No!
  2. I think it would look better in a different color/leather. It reminds me of the Metallic brown Koobas which I never was a big fan of. I am still more interested in an eggplant Katy.
  3. Oh no... whats going on kooba??

    I guess I will be saving a bundle this season.
  4. Very disappointing. This bag just doesn't look like an almost 700.00 bag. I remember when I first saw my Jillian and Jessie bags. I was awestruck. Nothing I have seen thus far has made much of an impact. Maybe Lindy is right...we are all going to be using our 2006 bags for quite awhile.

  5. I can't say I'm wowed by this bag at all. I'm also not comfortable with the price. So far, from what I've seen, I think I'll be passing on the Fall season Kooba bags.
  6. It's quite a shame that these beautiful bags have gone up, I think, quite a lot. There are a lot of other forums with discussions about articles written that involve handbags being the "engine" that is now driving the fashion industry. Sort of gives everyone the "key" to that "engine" to be liberal with their mark ups....my opinion.
  7. The reason Im most disapointed with the Fall bags I have seen so far (apart from the suede Elisha's, but thats still a 'last season' design so it doesnt really count ;)) is because the designs looks similar to bags I have seen by other designers.
    The sienna/Jillian/Paige etc. all stood out and had that Kooba look about them. The Fall designs seem bland in comparision. You wouldnt think 'kooba' when looking at them.
    Kooba is becoming one of the sheep, as opposed to being the shephard.
    Im looking forward to the Spring line next year..
  8. Not lovin' this bag either. :sad: The price increases don't surprise me too much. (I saw some of the Fall Coach line and they have some new bags that are over $1,000!) But, we've only seen a few new bags so far from Kooba. There are probably quite a few more out there. Hope there is something I like.
  9. I noticed that the Kooba forum has been kind of quiet lately, except for the autentication threads. I would like to see things get a little more lively. Hopefully, the Fall line won't be too boring. I am not sure that I really care for that Hudson, but the eggplant color must be stunning!
  10. I'm not crazy about this one either. Guess I too will be carrying my 2006 bags.
  11. The Hudson looks like a $100 bag from a department store, the private store label sort of thing. Nice but it does not light my cigar.

    I want a style with more oooomph!
  12. Not diggin this. Def not diggin it for the price. Like Halzer said-it doesn't stand out to me like a Kooba.
  13. Am I the only one that likes it? I dont like the price and would never pay that for it. But I dont think it is that bad.
  14. ^ I like the color. It reminds me of a large chocolate bar