Kooba holiday sale???

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  1. Hi. Not sure if this is true, but I found info about Kooba holiday sale (in NY) on a site called casanaranjablogspot. Look in the November 2007 archive on the left hand side of the page.

    I couldn't copy the link; when I did, it didn't work.

    Hope it's real! Good luck!:flowers:
  2. This was awesome and I"m glad I found it! Nothing over $300, so much more organized than the Clothingline nonsense. A girl in front of me bought the last Slate Meredith (which I've lusted for for about a year) for $100. Charlies for mid 200s, lots of this year's stuff. Not up on names anymore, but got a Nina for $75 - and for $75, I'm happy to take my chances with the leather doing weird things!
  3. wow.. $75? I'm def going to try to get over there after work. I'll let you know if I get as lucky.
  4. So, I got off my butt and looked up some styles. I'm not sure on all of these about what exact size they had so these are mostly general ideas of what lines they had.


    Hopes that helps anyone who's looking for a particular bag!
  5. PLEASE...Can someone help me find this link???? PLease

    I went to the archive of November 2007 and could not find it..

  6. Go into the Kooba forum. One of the threads early on that says something like, Doing anything Thursday, Friday....Monday or Tuesday.... I tried to copy it, but it didn't work. If you click on it and enlarge it, I think you'll be able to pull up the link.
  7. I got it! Here you go...