Kooba Harper in Cuoio

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  1. I just love the Harper. I guess I love saggy stuff. :P
  2. And I guess I don't like saggy stuff... At the moment that bag does nothing for me, but I've changed my mind before...good colour, though:smile:
  3. Thanks for posting the Harper, Halzer, I guess the fall bags will start trickling in...Lexie, take a slow breath..
  4. Yes , that IS the bag that made think it was a Harper Kooba,... and go see the movie and order what I thought was similar from "Star style" that might have been a close match to it...Oh well, at least I saw a funny movie...and got a new bag that is cute, even if it is only a distressed Roots Bag, hippie looking. I like the Sienna bag. I actually saw a fake today. A girl had one, cream at Starbucks and I asked her if it was a Sienna , getting all excited and she said no, it was from Aldo shoes..Could have fooled me...amazing copies out there....And, she did not know who Sienna Miller was and she was about 17 years old or so..but that bag looked adorable on her with a cream and black tunic top . Ah to be 17 again with my present brain....LOL
  5. Too funny! I was just looking at my InStyle and saw that bag. I think it's super cute, but am a bit annoyed that they list things as being available when they're not. And, Rainbow, I totally agree with you about those Aldo "inspired by" bags. I saw a black Also Sienna knock off and it was actually looked pretty well made. There are pretty good copies floating around. It's scary.
  6. I cannot say that Harper does much for me. It looks abit like saggy elephant skin. Maybe in person it will be better.
  7. I like the sag, but I'm not too crazy about the flap and I wish the leather wasn't so shiny. I can't really get a handle on how it opens or if you can carry it as a shoulder bag... ?
  8. Oh gosh. Totally YUCKO!!! That flap is horrid and the saggy folded leather....geesh. That bag needs a Dr. 90210 intervention.
    When I first saw this bag...or one that looked like this...I thought it looked kinda like the Botkier Sasha Duffle but it certainly doesn't look that good. The color is okay I guess. I agree. Too shiny. Strike One for Bag one of Fall 2007!
  9. hmmm, i actually like it.
  10. Well, I'd like to see someone carrying it IRL. But, I have to say at first impression, it doesn't do a lot for me.
  11. When I get it, I'll have my hubby model it for us. :yes:
  12. Yes, the Also copy is pretty darn good, scary...I do not think they have more or I might have bought one until I had the real deal LOL