Kooba/Gustto Sample Sale starts tomorrow.

  1. Sample Sale Update:
    - non-advertised advanced opening on Tuesday at 12:00 pm (for our email subscribers)
    - Tuesday & Thursday are our late nights
    - lots of accessories for easy & great holiday gifts
    - please note all accessory sales are final
    - merchandise for both Men & Women

    for Women

    - handbags, shoulder bags & clutches
    - all new selection (from our previous sale) of bags
    - all Kooba sales are final

    - setela, parina & baca bags
    - from $250 to $325
    - all Gustto sales are final

    - Fall & Holiday dresses, jackets, tops & leggings
    - all styles 65% off retail

    - dresses, tops and knits
    - below wholesale prices

    - one of a kind, past season samples
    - limited selection of Tocca beauty products

    Tocca Bambini
    - limited selection of tops & dresses for Girls

    S. Sung
    - printed dresses
    - 75% off retail prices

    - blouses, hand knits, jackets
    - skirts, shorts, pants and more
    - from $45 to $115

    - tops & bottoms

    - back by popular demand and just in time for the holidays
    - earrings, necklaces, bangles, brooches and more

    for Men

    - tops & bottoms

    Ben Sherman
    - bags, hats, baseball caps, gloves and scarves
    - accessory sale only, NO clothing
    - all Ben Sherman sales are final


    Monday December 17 CLOSED
    Tuesday December 18 12 pm - 7 pm
    Wednesday December 19 10 am - 6 pm
    Thursday December 20 10 am - 7 pm
    Friday December 21 10 am - 6 pm
    * Our entrance & floor closes 15 minutes prior to close of store.
    Dressing room is open but closes 1/2 hour prior to close of store.
    Visit our website for our exchange policy

    Upcoming Sales Privacy Policy
    Manufacturers interested in our Sample Sale services, please e-mail michael@clothingline.com.

    Manufacturers and prices are subject to change without notice.
    We are not responsible for typographical errors.
    Address: 261 West 36th. St. NYC (of course)
  2. why can't this be in Los Angeles?????
  3. I'm gonna go, I think. Plus, they have some cute dresses by AKA on sale. I adore dresses.
  4. Always a good sale and should not be too crowded tomorrow. Wednesday will be crazy.
  5. Does anyone know what the price range and assortment range typically looks like for the Kooba bags?
  6. So this is more of the same...$250 minimum prices, as I recall. I'll be in the city tomorrow, so we'll see.
  7. Did anyone go today? Lines? Selection?
  8. went for aka but not great selection and prices high-- not great- kooba that i saw at luckyshops --scrunced up in front -gathered with belt buckle- was 295.00
  9. Yeah, I was going to check out AKA. What were the prices like? Their dresses are adorable.
  10. the last time they had aka, the prices were still a little high ($100-150 for dresses). was it less this time?
  11. no ---prices were in that range
  12. I'm still tempted. Maybe I'll go after work if I am not driven crazy by Christmas shopping before then.
  13. I wanted to get a Napoli tote from Gustto, darn it.
  14. This thread's been awfully quiet. Has anyone gone? Bought anything? I ask because, although I shouldn't, I'm seriously considering going...
  15. i went wednesday. kooba bags were $200-250; i wasn't interested so i didn't bother looking at what they had. they had a lot of aka dresses that are on sale right now on Shopbop -- aka dresses were $100. they had a cashmere sweater cardigan for $100, other sweaters were $70. shirts were also $70.

    iisli was 65% off the retail price on the tags -- most were between $100 and $150. there were a lot of islii samples which were priced between $55 and $75.

    the mischen stuff seemed popular -- everyone was trying stuff on. i forget the prices though, but i think mischen shirts/tanks were $55.

    that's all i remember.