Kooba Gretchen Question!!

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  1. I really love the look of the Kooba Gretchen but my only question is the strap long enough that I could wear it across my body or like a messenger bag? If anyone has any pics of then wearing it please post!! Thanks!
  2. I love the gretchen as well, although I don't own one, yet! Can't decide on color:confused1: The shoulder strap on would not be quite long enough to wear cross-body unless you're really tiny, it's only about 28" long. If you go to kooba's website, they show a picture of it on the shoulder. IMO it's a much overlooked bag, and I will have one!
  3. Definitely a great shoulder bag but like huskylover says, strap is a little too short to carry cross-body unless you're very petite. The Annie style is the best one for that and the leather on the Annies is SOOO soft.
  4. I didn't care for the Gretchen. The boxy shape is cool but I found it kind of sunk in at the top. It didn't keep it's nice square shape. And the flap seemed awkward when open becaus eof the extra lip of leather that flipped in on the front of the bag. Personally I found it a very awkward bag although the suede one in forest is a beauty.
  5. OK here's the pic....man it took me a long time to find it :confused1:


    It's a gorgeous bag but I too would wonder how it would look unstuffed.
  6. Looks too longish for my taste.......but it's cute!
  7. I just received one in the mail today. It was purchased by the seller at the sample sale and has watermarks and other marks on it. :sad:

    I have to see if I can clean it...any advice?

    But if anyone wants to see pics I can put my stuff in it and take some... :smile: