Kooba Gretchen in Slate - keep or return?

  1. I just bought a Gretchen bag in Slate at NM Last Call today. I fell in love with both the shape of the bag and the color of the bag.

    I've never seriously considered buying a Kooba before, and I've never read the Kooba board on tPF before. So, I was pretty upset when I came home, searched the board for threads about my new bag, and read all about how everybody's Slate bags are changing color!

    If the color just darkened a little bit, it wouldn't bother me, but it sounds like people are actually seeing their bags fade to a nasty shade of tan.

    What should I do? I can take it back to NM, treat the leather with leather protector and see what happens, or just leave the bag as it is and see what happens.

    Do you think if it hasn't faded yet, maybe it's safe/not defective?
  2. Look at it closely...if it has the slightest hint of tan or beige it will turn. Personally I wouldn't chance it. I have actually seen some pics on the NM site sale section on line where you can see it's starting to turn. I have also seen the color in another Kooba at NM (Nina, I think) where it was turning.
    I think I do remember someone here said there's didn't turn. I just wouldn't want to risk it. Maybe another color would appeal to you.
  3. Wow, that eBay picture shows some pretty drastic fading.

    I examined my bag and I didn't see any tan or beige discoloration. It's just a light grey/blue color, with some areas a bit darker and some areas a bit lighter.

    I don't think the bag has been boxed up all this time, because there are a few blackish spots and a couple of scratches in the leather on the strap, as if it has been handled by people in a store.

    Such a BUMMER, I love that elephant grey color, it is perfectly neutral and yet it has a nice "pop" to it!! Any other opinions or thoughts?
  4. I'd return it. I would hate to have something that changed colors months after, unless you like the shade the bags turned.
  5. I purchased a Slate Gretchen early last year on eBay. A few months later the posts regarding color change appeared here.

    My Gretchen has been kept in the Kooba sleeper and has not changed hue or color, still the gorgeous shade it is supposed to be. I have not treated the leather as yet, but do plan on doing that.
  6. I wouldnt chance it either- i say return it and get a bag you know will be lovely for forever
  7. hmm, that's weird that the color is completely changing for some people, i would never buy a bag if i knew that was a possibility
  8. Oh crud, I think I will take it back. I don't want to risk it changing colors. The color it changes into looks pretty nasty in the pictures I found. And I want to get a lot of use out of the bag, not keep it in the dustbag.

    OH to have loved and lost! If anybody else wants to weigh in and say "Take it back" it would make me feel a lot better. :crybaby:

    Maybe the Spring 08 slate color won't change colors??!! I really do love the Gretchen bag shape.
  9. man- that really sux! I hate falling in love with a purse only to have to return it! I DEF. think you are making the best desicion tho- just think if a few months doen the road the bag completely turned and you were kicking ur self for not returning it! I say return it 4 sure! good luck!