Kooba Ginger or Fiore Audra

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Kooba Ginger or Fiore Audra

  1. Kooba

  2. Fiore

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Looking for a new brown bag, which one would you choose?

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  2. They're both nice bags, but I like the Kooba a little more. Kooba has such nice leather. Good luck!!
  3. I vote for Kooba, I love that bag so Ali Magraw, my style icon!
  4. I know.......... I'm leaning towards the Kooba right now and with the 30% off code at Karizma I can get it for 460:lol:
  5. i vote for the audra, even though the new version isn't as nice as the version that i have...but i also think that koobas are overpriced.
  6. I like the Kooba. I like the leather and love the ultrasuede lining.
  7. love the kooba too...
  8. I much prefer the kooba !
  9. Voted for the Kooba, I think it has more personality with the big eyelets.
  10. I don't the the Kooba is worth the price tag.
  11. I can't vote, I like them both sooo much! My head is spinning
  12. I know, don't you hate :P having sooo many options???!!! I wish I had a moneytree in my backyard, then I could buy whatever I wanted ;).
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