Kooba Ginger in Chestnut?

  1. Nevermind girls I just purchased a Kooba Ginger!
  2. this was the bag that started me on kooba i love mine! the chestnut color is amazingg
  3. yay! i will post pics as i get it.
  4. ohh so exited!! did u just snatch it off eBay or something? i saw this thread and then it said you got it?!
  5. ya bessie i did! i saw the pictures of your ginger and you looked sooooo good!
  6. haha thats awsome

    did u put it in authenticate this 1st or were you 100% on authenticity!?!!

    YAY im so glad my bag motivated the purchase it truly is amazing you will adore it!
  7. I was pretty positive on authenticity -- the girl had the tags, receipts and everything. She had a store that sold Juicy Couture and other similar items!

    Hey Bessie how big is the Ginger? How much could you fit into it? Thanks!
  8. haha no way will it i am 5'5 and you saw my pictures, so you are taller then me and i dont ever feel overwhelmed by it! :smile:

    ok just measured

    it is 11in tall, 16 1/2 wide from widest points and 3 in deep
    and the strap drop is 8 1/2 in it fits perfectly over the shoulder not right up in the armpit but certainly not loosely the perfect fit!

    i hope that helps,,, :smile: maybe you have a bag you can measure and compare the measurements? :smile:
  9. i have used the ginger to take to class with me before put my notebook, planner, cell, sidekick, keys, makeup, and its no problem for it to handle,, :smile:

    but its also fine as a purse for all my stuff without the notebook and its perfect it just has the ability to hold my notebook if i want to use it for class :smile:
  10. Thanks so much Bessie!

    You're so pretty in your pictures!
  11. you are totally welcome!!!AND THANKS so much :smile: i have been feelin blue and down on myself lately so that really makes me smile :smile: thanks!! you just perked me up cause i was feelin blue all night!!! So thank you :smile:

    i cant WAIT to see your pictures you are gonna have a giant smile on your face cause this bag is amazing :smile: hehe
  12. Congrats, I have one too, nice bag. Post pics, I hope you got an authentic one, lotsa fakes out there!
  13. Aww thanks Bessie and Cheekers! I don't have pictures of the purse just yet, but I do have pictures taken from the eBay auction:
    2826_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 5509_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 4d3f_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 4e7a_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 4a9a_1_sbl.JPG.jpg
  14. More pictures:
    4fa1_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 4be4_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 5108_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 527d_1_sbl.JPG.jpg 53d5_0.JPG.jpg
  15. one more!