Kooba Ginger and Carla at Off Fifth !!

  1. Hi Ladies, i went to the Off Fifth in Milpitas,CA yesterday and saw a bunch of Gingers and Carlas in Brown leather. The Ginger was priced at $309.99 and the Carla was marked down to about $200. I also found a coupon for additional 30% off http://f.chtah.com/i/21/682906452/offer.HTML

    I'm not sure if they do charged sends but here is the phone number if anyone is interested!

    1 408 945-9650

  2. Seems like a reasonable deal ton me...........
  3. Sure wish that coupon lasted a tad longer. I'm going to Orlando on a business conference Wednesday morning and planned to hit the Off Fifth there. We don't have one here in Gainesville.