Kooba Frankie Satchel, two leather versions?

  1. I am in the process of purchasing a Kooba:heart: Frankie in bourbon and was told by an ebayer that there are two versions.

    She said the older version has smoother, darker leather in bourbon then Kooba restyled the Frankie and reintroduced it in a more pebbly leather with the bourbon color not quite as vibrant.

    Have you heard of this before and if so, does it make a difference?

    Or is she full of baloney?

    Inquiring minds want to know. *s
  2. I am not sure but I would really, really think twice before buying on eBay. I am paranoid b/c of all the fakes. Before you do, maybe post the auction thread so we can help to authenticate it for you. Good luck! :flowers:
  3. I don't know all of the colors they put out with the older Frankies. I have seen a burnt orange shade. But they were all in a smooth leather. Last Fall they brought out the pebbled leather and made a Frankie in it. The Bourbon in that one has a bright orangy tinge to it.

    So No, she is correct. I just don't recall the older Frankie in Bourbon.
  4. lexie can you post pictures of the 2 different kinds of frankies (whatever color) thanks ! cause i want to see what textures you guys are talking about!
  5. hhahaahaah nice the fake one is hilarious!!!! :smile:

    thanks for finding the pictures i see the difference, i like the smooth 1,,, :smile:
  6. If you go to the website with the fake Frankie, you'll see that you can get a Fendi Spy for $99 too! Unbelievable! LOL!
  7. Gee KoobaLover, I didn't know Fendi Spy bags have come down in price so much! Thanks for the tip.....LOLOL
  8. Hey SalesRep....That Kooba on eBay is a pebbled version. It's just that every bag has variations and this one is lightly pebbled. Mine was very similar with a little more pebbling in areas. I thought you meant a completely smooth bourbon, which I never have seen.
    Where did you get your bag from? Good price? I'm sure you will like it. It's a cool very functional bag. So different than most Koobas Big empty inners.
  9. I bought it from wowtag on ebay, I know they sell authentics from the blog at ebay and from here. It was a BIN for $285, new. I had been watching the other smoother Frankie from the link I posted above but saw very odd bidding, shill bidding I suspected, so I bowed out. It was 3 days out from the auction end and had been bid up by 2 brand new bidders, over $200. I figured it would go quite high. Then this other one came up for BIN auction from an accreditated dealer, so it just made sense.

    I had hunted online at ALL the stores, the lowest I could find was $480. So I kept digging.

    It proves patience is important for good deals...but oh so difficult to do sometimes.

    Thanks for your help.
  10. I agree. I saw this posted in the authenticate thread but saw it had already been purchased. I think it's an authentic distressed teak Frankie.
  11. Yes, it's the Teak colored one. A great little/big bag. You'll be surprised with all the compartments and how heavy it is. It's really one of the most unique Koobas out there.