kooba frankie in bourbon

  1. hello purse friends,

    i am new to the forum and fell in love with koobas after seeing them at Saks. both the jessie and frankie in bourbon are on my list to get in the future.

    my first question, if anyone has a kooba frankie, what do you love about this bag and what do you hate?

    second, where is the best place to buy these two bags? should i go retail or are there sales available to me somewhere? i hesitate doing eBay as i don't know enough to spot a fake from a photo.

    what is your advice?

    thanks so much!
  2. Try Off 5th - they often have Koobas for great prices! :yes:
  3. Welcome! I don't have suggestions, but I wanted to say hi.
  4. Welcome! I own a Kooba thought not one of those. I got mine at Bloomie's. I would suggest trying there or Neiman's, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks or Off 5th, or directly from Kooba.com. ELuxury may carry a few too, along with The Purse Store. Happy shopping!
  5. Eluxury has Koobas with no tax, and sometimes free shipping.
    I also bought from activeendeavors.com and got no tax and free shipping as well on the Paige Kooba....
  6. Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this site and just want to say I love Bags. They are my life. The bigger the better! I also am looking for th kooba in Frankie/bourbon veyr badly. Have you had any luck so far?:yes:
  7. KoobaBagLover,

    Check your private messages here for info on where to find the Frankie.

    Good luck and have fun!
  8. I bought my cream colored Frankie at the Saks Off Fifth outlet. I used the 30% off coupon and they'd marked it way down-so I got it for $149...when I brought it to the desk they said it was mismarked. But they had to sell it to me!:yes:
  9. Hi! You can also check Adasa, JC Madison, Karizma Boutique, Active Endeavors, & Kitson... If you look at the Deals & Steals subforum, you'll find coupons for some of those sites too! Happy hunting!
  10. I finally found my Frankie in bourbon for a good deal and it should arrive this coming week.

    Isn't it amazing the anticipation while we wait for the arrival of a new bag? And the fun it is to transfer our 'stuff' into it upon arrival?

    *watching for the FedEx fella
  11. Congrats on your purchase - can't wait to see pics!