kooba for target???

  1. did kooba ever make a line for target & were they real leather?

    also...where does the name kooba come from?

  2. Bonnie and Abbe Held (Kooba is Bonnie's maiden name) are the mother and daughter who founded the company. I don't remember a Kooba for Target line however they do currently have a diffusion line abailabe at online retailer QVC, V Couture by Kooba. The V sands for vegan which means no leather. The bags are all PVC or a coated canvas. I am not a fan of these diffusion lines, wether it be Mulberry for Target or Kooba for QVC. I think they dumb down the design and are just another way of having to spend beaucoup bucks for very little quality.
  3. I was wondering about the Kooba's being sold by QVC and HSN. I purchased my first one (metallic navy Jonnie) at Nordsrom last week and LOVE IT! But I have to admit, I was a little surprised about The shopping networks having them. Are there any differences that could differentiate the department store bags?
  4. Don't know if this would be considered off topic, but I just saw a Kooba-type exact Ginger in a yellow vinyl at Beall's here in Florida. It only took about 8 years to copy.