Kooba for Mom?

  1. I am thinking of getting my mom a Kooba for Christmas this year...she is not a huge bag fan (Knows the major brands, like Coach, Kate Spade, etc) and usually carries 2-3 bags a year (Sak, Liz, etc). I think a Kooba would be a nice gift though..something of quality and I know she's appreciate it. Any ideas to a style? She likes medium sized bags with e longer shoulder strap (not too tight when held under the arm). Thoughts/ideas, Ladies? :p
  2. How 'bout a Devin or a Nicole? What else does you Mom like in a bag? Buckles & grommets, or a more streamlined style? Also... what color are you thinking?

    What a lucky gal she will be to get a Kooba for a present!!! My anniversary is coming up this week, and when hubby asked me what I wanted I told him I would like a bag. He gave me such an evil stare, since he knows how quickly my tastes change and how many handbags I've already gone through this year... I guess that's outta the question... LOL


  3. Oh those are great choices! I think she'd like the Nicole's classic look, but the devin has a longer strap. She is more minimal as far as accesory looks (no fancy buckles or grommets). I think she'd like any color except for white/cream.