Kooba for a Smaller Mom

  1. I am thinking of looking for a Kooba for my Mom for next mother's day. She is smaller (5 foot 2) and has used Coach bags for years. She needs a bag that has handles, some organization, and the ability to hang over the shoulder. Cannot be super big or super heavy because of her size and prior hip surgeries, but she carries alot in her bag. I love Koobas. Do any of you have a suggestion of a classic Kooba style and leather that would be a great all around bag for a smaller woman. Pictures and style names are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot dru
  2. The Jessie is the first thing that comes to mind. Comfortable, medium sized, and 4 outer pockets for organizing stuff. The organization part is tough because alot of Koobas tend to have cavernous holes.

    Java Jessie.JPG
  3. I agree. The Jessie sounds like it would be perfect.

    BTW, Lexie... what's your gorgeous new avatar?
  4. That's my Andrea Breuckner Luxumbourg Satchel. It's such a neat bag with thick leather. I'll show you the pics I have of it. It's a nice Fall color bag for sure.




  5. It's gorgeous Lexie! Such a great color for fall too! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Sorry drub-b, I didn't mean to hijack your thread. Please forgive me! Now, we'll get back to Mom's Kooba! ;)
  6. Some of the vintage Koobas are smaller... I'm not real good with vintage Kooba style names, but if you search for them here on the forum you'll probably come up with a few hits. Maybe your Mom would like one of those?
  7. I am petite and I bought the jessie today. It is the perfect size for me. There is one other one that is a similar style to the jessie that I also really liked and might be better for a more mature woman. You said you mother so I am thinking she is grandmother age???? I can not think of the name right now though. I will find the name. I posted it last night.
  8. I think it is the sloane. I really likes that one too. The leather was very supple and it was a great size for an every day type of purse.
  9. Lexie, that is a fabulous looking bag!

    (Sorry, didn't mean to get off topic. I also like the Jessie for your Mom.)
  10. Thanks, I'll look at those. Yes, she is 70, but a stylish 70. She deserves a treat. thanks everyone I appreciate the help. dru
  11. What about a hobo bag? God knows those are cavernous and most don't weigh anything...