Kooba fans.....Sienna or Scarlett?

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  1. Which do you perfer? I can't decide. I'm leaning toward the Scarlett in brown bc it's smaller, but they look identical to me. :confused1:
  2. I had exactly the same problem but than decided to go for the Sienna and never regret it.
  3. They are identical just different by size. I have a Scarlett in Metallic Army color which I adore so I also bought the same color in a Sienna. One of my favorite bags.
  4. Just depends how much you need to carry, I have a Sienna, totally love it and would like another in a different colour, (I'm just not too keen on the new embossed ones...)long for a cognac, but they don't do them anymore:sad:
  5. But Maggie....they have that Heavy Pebbled Bourbon that is gorgeous. I think it's better than the Cognac. I really may have to get that one one day. Here is my Frankie in that same Bourbon. Gorgeous!
  6. Thanks, Lexie, I thought they were all embossed, just had a look at the Sienna in Bourbon, the colour is nice, just like the smooth leather better...
  7. Thanks for all you help girls. I went w the Scarlett. Will let you know when I get it. BTW, it was $400 plus 35% off, so it was about $295 if my math is correct.
  8. Congrats on your new scarlett. Post pics when you get it. I love my Sienna.
  9. Congratulations!! Great price, you'll love it:yahoo:
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