Kooba Fall 09

  1. I'm just drooling over some of the styles and colors shown for Fall 09! I don't have names to go with the styles but there are at least four bags that are going to be on my Must Have list, starting with the purple studded beauty and the black hobo with pleating and drawsting...and of course the Amber...in every color!


    Go Kooba!!! :love:
  2. If you mean the smaller Purple distressed bag with studs down the sides, it's the Peyton. It is 495 and comes in Tan, Green, Aubergine and Black. The Black Drawstring is the Juliet....595...and comes in Black, Taupe and Berry.

    The Peyton is the only one that sparks my interests.
  3. Ohhh love the studded purple and the larger brown! NICE!

  4. Holy Moly! There're quite a few styles I like. I'd love to see the leather on them first before ordering though.
  5. My exact thoughts. And I'll be there at Saks with my microscope, too.
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    That's the one. Would you happen to know the name of the shoulder bag version of the Amber bag? It's the Amber but with a single long strap (not the Devin looking one with front pockets, the other one to the right of the Amber). I'm likin' that one as well but with my luck it'll be the smallest of the 'sister' bags.

    Yeah, I'm going to be checking out the leather before I buy as well. Some look phenomenal in pics but I'm still gun shy even after having discovered bags like the Ellie have wonderful leather (compared to the Jacindas and thinner leathers).
  7. You got that right. It's the Kendra bag and it looks decieving because it must be teensy at 295.00. Comes in Camel, Black, and Purple.
  8. the 2nd bag on this link is a purple bag. does anyone know the name of it?
  9. I like the black hobo with pleats on the sides.
  10. Anyone know what the large brown one with the studs running up the side is called?

  11. The Purple Bag is called the Amber. Retails for 545.00.

    The Black Hobo with Pleats is Juliet for 595.00

    And the Larger brown with studs is called Alex for 595.00
  12. Does anyone know when the Juliet will be available? Thanks!
  13. I was at Luna Boston today and they had some amazing Kooba bags. The Peyton Satchel Aubergine w/stud detail is quite stunning. It's even better in person than on the website. I don't own any Kooba bags but this bag was amazing the leather was really smooth. The green one was also really lovely for fall.
  14. The Juliet will be avilable in October and it comes in black, taupe, teal & berry.:smile:
  15. LOVE that Peyton in the picture. I can only imagine how stunning it is in RL!