Kooba - fading issue questions?

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  1. I have a Kooba Sienna in Moss. I purchased it last spring from an online boutique and used it faithfully for about 6 months. I put it in the dustbag and stored it for a few months. When I pulled it out last month, I noticed that the green color has faded to a yellow-y olive shade. I can't really describe it.

    I contacted Kooba about this, but they told me to contact the retailer and for them to contact Kooba corporate. I tried contacting the online retailer and I haven't had any response yet.

    Has anyone else had issues with Kooba leather bags fading?

    Honestly... for a $500 handbag, I would expect better quality.
  2. I have a Kooba Natasha in the moss green and the shades of green are a little varied on the bag-where they sewed on a pocket etc. is a bit different-but I would expect this in a dyed leather handbag-it doesn't affect my view of the bag-I still love it!
  3. nope... mine is definitely faded. The shade of green is completely different. I still love the style, but the color is ehh... way different from the original. I wish that I had purchased a different color. :sad:
  4. With that question you motivated me to take a look at my Kooba Sienna in Moss. According to my receipt I purchased it on 8/17/06, used it probably 6-8 times but probably haven't used it in 3 months. Upon close inspection there is no change in color at all anywhere on the bag with the exception of a teeny scratch and it is slightly lighter around it. But you would have to specifically look for it. The moss color is not my favorite of my Kooba bags but I thought that it would be a good accent color for my neutral wardrobe....and I do like it for that reason...and the fact that I like the bag in general.
  5. It is a great bag and I loved the original color, but not the color that it is now. Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not sure what happened to my bag? :shrugs:
  6. did you get it from a reputable retailer? maybe its not a real kooba,,,, i dont know just a thought?

    i have a kooba too but havent had it long enough to help :sad:
  7. Yes it's from a reputable retailer. :sad: They are just going awol on me right now. I know for certain that it is authentic. (I compared it with the bag in NM). I'm just disappointed and wanted a little resolution.
  8. aw i am so sorry! :sad: good luck let us know how it turns out
    dont give up tho! keep on pushing the ppl you bought it from they have to resolve something for you! :smile:
  9. I have alot of Koobas (My husband thinks way too many...LOL) and I use them all regularly. I haven't had any problems with fading at all. I really don't have any complaints at all. I did stick with neutral shades (Terraine/Rust/Army metallic/black). I have heard that on light Koobas you can have them turn blue-ish from dye tranfer from jeans or pick up colors from your shirts but since I don't care for light shades I've had no problem.

    Could perfume have come in contact with the leather? Perfume/alcohol is bad for bags. Also, is the side that is faded the side that was up against your body while wearing it on your shoulder? Perspiration could have played a role if this is a case, or perfume from your clothes, deoderant, or maybe even detergent. Bags don't like chemicals in general.

    If you bought this bag on eBay there really isn't much you can do. A seller isn't obligated to you for this extended amount of time. I also had thoughts that maybe you have encountered one of those higher quality fakes.
  10. I didn't buy it on eBay. I bought it from a boutique and I know that it's authentic. I'll just keep e-mailing and e-mailing and hopefully they'll respond.
  11. Thanks!! I'll keep bugging them and hopefully they'll finally respond.