Kooba experts please help!

  1. Can anyone confirm whether Kooba alters the design of their handbags from season to season? I have two Kooba Ada's sitting in front of me - one I bought last year & one I bought this week. There are significant differences - the first one I bought has 10 studs down the front & has a different texture (like in the first picture). The second one only has 8 studs down the front & the leather looks different.

    I know the first one is authentic (bought it at Bergdorfs), so I assumed the second one was a fake (bought on eBay) - when I contacted the seller about this, she directed me to a picture of the Ada bag on the Kooba website. Her story is that the older Ada bags from the previous collection are a little different - more studs down the front & a slightly smoother texture. And in fact, the Ada picture from Kooba's official store looks like the bag she sent me (2nd pic).

    I've been surfing around the web this morning looking at different store websites & it appears that there may indeed be older & newer versions of the Ada bag - can anyone confirm this? I don't want to accuse the seller of selling fakes if it's not true. The pictures I've attached both come from authorized dealers, but the bags look significantly different. Does Kooba modify their designs?
    B000GAW68I.01-A14CUYJMZ2TDF.PT01._SS400_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg 66114_black.jpg
  2. i would suggest looking at the zipper pull inside the bag. turn it to it's side and see if it gets thicker down to the end, real Koobas have this thicker end, although I suspect fake bag makers will be on to that soon.

    you could take it to a Kooba dealer for authentication.

    Good luck.
  3. I'm not sure about the detailing of the Ada, but there are quite a few variations on the texture of Kooba leather. Best of luck!
  4. Were both tags brown? With brown thread attaching them? What color is the suede lining inside?
  5. Yes, the tags were brown & attached w/ a brown thread. The lining & zippers pulls are fine & look the way they're supposed to - the only thing different are the details on the outside of the bag.

    I took both the bags to Bergdorfs today - the salesgirl said that when she looked at each one separately, each bag looked authentic. However, sitting side by side, she thought they did look like different versions of the same style. But since Bergdorfs never had Ada's from the Fall & Spring collection in at the same time, she couldn't tell me if Kooba had indeed modified the Ada.

    I think I'm going to try contacting Kooba directly & asking them if that's the case. I know they don't authenticate bags, but hopefully they'll answer questions about whether they've made variations in some of their bags.
  6. Great idea, I was going to suggest just that. Good luck.
  7. Gosh, never heard of this one. I guess they could tweak their template if they wanted to. My Ada which I got just when it came out was a smoother leather. I never have seen the one with the more pebbly leather in person. But then I got my Jillian (shown in my Avatar) and it is pebbly. Let us know what you find out.
  8. hi, i'm new here n i'm looking to get a kooba sienna. saw used one on ebay n was wondering if it's authentic. what type of lining does the sienna have, cloth with the kooba logo or suede? or do older ones come with a cloth lining n newer ones with suede? pls help thanks a lot :smile:
    hope this question hasn't been asked before. if it has, could someone pls direct me to the thread? thanks.
  9. Can you post a link to your ebay auction and/or pics so that we may help you further?

  10. I have a bag like this but the lining is suede. Not printed cotton.
    Not sure if they made them like this or not.
  11. Hmmm...I've never seen a lining like that. And where is the zipper pull?
  12. The older Koobas (before 2006) had these linings, some of them. Would like to see pics of the zipper pull too.
  13. i've asked the seller how old the bag is but have yet to get a reply. u're talking about the zipper pull of the inside pocket of the bag right? looks like it's missing? maybe cos it's an old bag.... i'll ask about it.

    oh well... maybe i should just get one from NM instead :p those will definitely be real. ha. what do u think of the embossed version? that's on sale now :smile:
  14. I thought that Sienna bags came out later with all Suede linings. This Kooba lining is from like pre 2005. And weren't they more multi-colored imprinted names rather than brown & white? There is not enough pics to tell. BUT I would not buy a bag from someone who is selling a Balenciaga for 158.00. Plus they sold a Fake Coach in the past. Plus, that zipper appears to be nylon but maybe I just can't see it good enough. It should be metel. Some early Siennas had leather zipper pulls and it may have come off. I wouldn't personally buy this bag.