Kooba Experts, come here please

  1. Hmmm, are those photos ones of HER bag or stock photos? I would ask if those are pics of HER bag ... if not, get pics of it. A closeup of the zipper pull too, and ask if this is still with tags and if so get a pic of the tag, too.
  2. Thanks, Cheekers. I'll do that. Appreciate the input.
  3. Sure, and several others here I am sure will have great input too. Good luck!
  4. I'm sure the Kooba experts will give you their opinion on that Kooba, but I have to say IMO that leather looks awful. But then again I don't know if that's the way it's suppose look on the Paige.
  5. It looks rather funky to me, I would not touch that with a ten foot pole unless another tPF expert has bought Kooba from her before and knows.
  6. hi! i'm a kooba lover and it actually does look authentic to me, HOWEVER, i would ask for close up photos as well...is there a return policy if you change your mind? hope this helps!
  7. The pics are terrible with no details but to me the "pebbles" on the leather look awfully big. Also, the zipper pull looks kinda odd. Eleven feedbacks? To me it wouldn't be worth the risk. I would worry myself sick before it ever even arrived.
  8. yea i am biased i never trust eBay but those few undetailed pictures would make me say NONONO so unless you can get them to send good clear pics of the leather, the zipper pull, then i wouldnt do it
  9. There just isn't enough to go on to trust it. I can't tell if those pics are stock like Laura said. That leather does look odd. Something about the huge and almost uniform pebbling. Can't see side zipper. Can't see tag or tag string. And the biggie....11 feedback? I would never buy a high priced handbag from someone with 11 feedback unless it was special circumstances or I knew without a doubt it was real.
    If you want to risk it I would write and ask for a gazillion questions. (Where she got it, receipts, extra pics). Sometimes answers from emails alone can give you a clue. Evasive or indignant responses are not good.

    UPDATE: HALT! I just found the bag and pic on Ioffer. The bag is fake.
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  10. I wouldn't really hold the feedbacks against the seller. It may be something she purchased but decided she didn't want it anymore. For example, if I were to start selling, I would not have much feedbacks, but my bags would definitely be authentic. So you definitely need to ask more questions in regards to where she bought it, why she's selling and whether she has a receipt. The bag doesn't look right to me though. My friend has a Paige, and it definitely didn't look so pebbled-like. But maybe it's a sample? I got a Gustto bag from a sample sale recently, and it's not perfect b/c I can see very few "pebbles".
  11. I have a black Kooka Paige, and this looks authentic to me. I have to add though that I grew to hate that purse. The top side pieces that fold in to give it a fishbowl shape don't stay in, so the purse becomes very wide at the top. It's a heavy purse, and just feels generally uncomfortable to carry. It's sitting in a bag with some other things to be given to charity, that's how much I dislike this purse.
  12. Grace, note Lexie's last post. It is FAKE.
  13. FAKE! And she had the nerve to copy pics from iOffer. Someone report her please. :mad: