Kooba Emma

  1. That's cool. I think the Emma is big enough though so if a Victoria comes up on eBay, you can have it...LOL

    Don't you wish Kooba would have special re-releases of old Bags? I think they would really sell, don't you? But probably not for 600 or 650 like most of their bags run. I want the old prices to go along with the old bag. :smile:
  2. Oh, aren't those adorable?! I especially like the pink..not the suede but the leather. It would be great for summer.
  3. Hi I am new to this forum.

    I purchased an Emma on eBay. It is item number 110136861835 (sorry I do not know how to post the link). Anyway I sure hope it is real. It is my first Kooba.
  4. oh my! they are so pretty but suede is so hard to keep clean :sad: I may pass
  5. Halzer thanks so much for posting the link.