Kooba, Elisha or Nicole?

  1. Ok, so now that I got my first kooba and really love it I want another one :nuts: I need a black one, most of my wardrobe is black and I the one I just got is brown. :graucho:

    So, I am between Elisha and Nicole does any one have any opoinions, suggestions, comments etc on either one?

    Also, if anyone has one of them I wold love to see pictures of the inside if possible... :winkiss:
  2. The Elisha has a looser big and floppy compartment. If you like some structure to your insides, you might want the Nicole. I love both bags. Also The Elisha is a more feminine bag while the Nicole could go further in an office/work atmosphere. Depnds on what your needs are... Here is a pic of the inside of my Nicole.


  3. I think that I do like the more structure nice...but I am sort of iffy on the way the Nicole looks...specially if I get it in black. Does the Elisha have the same 2 pockets inside?
  4. I think the Elisha is so much prettier, but it depends on what you will use the bag for.
  5. DuH!!! I took out my camera to take pics and didn't take any of the Elisha insides. Yes, the Elisha has the same 2 pockets but has a cavernous pouchy center. Smaller opening at the top and pouchy at the bottom. It's more of a "dig around" bag but has such an awesome exterior it makes you forget about it's shortcomings.

  6. I don't really have a 'work bag' or anything like that I use my bags whenever I want no matter the destination.... Well that is not entire true, as I do switch to a smaller bag going out on the weekends and that sort of thing. So I am basically looking for an everyday, keep for a while, strong usage kinda bag. I have a MJ multipocket but I am sick of it. It feels so bulcky, but not so much room inside...probably all the pockets? Anyway, I want to retire it and I want to be able to fit everything that I need, ie. long checkbook style wallet, cosmetic bag, sidekick, keys, etc.
  7. OHhhh...I don't like digging!!! Well, actually the only thing I usually end up digging for is my phone, but the big inside pockets take care of that, my sidekick fits perfectly in there...mmmm... what to do... I am looking at the 2 of them in black and I am thinking that the Elisha looks nicer... :borg1:
  8. Another Kooba Convert! Welcome! :smile:

    I think the Elisha is one of the prettiest bags I've seen in a while. I'm getting both of them this year. I already have the Lena and the Paige.

    These Koobas are like crack! I can't quit!
  9. I think the Elisha is much different styling than what else is available this season, from any designer.

    You should buy what you love, love, love.
  10. Kooba
  11. If you don't like digging and being able to see clearly all of your stuff then you should not get the Elisha. Or maybe you should get both. I'm not kidding. The Elisha is something special. But if you want some organization you should look at the Nicole or another Kooba that has nice big open top holes and a boxier center. Also consider if you want a shoulder bag or hand held. Maybe you should look at a Devin. It's got a balloon bottom. Can someone tell us how the insides are?
  12. Do you think I can fit one of those chameleon thingys they were talking about on another thread? (the organizers you put in your bags?)
    Do you think you can measure the openning on your Elisha? sorry for being such a pain!
  13. Hi Polos- I was going to suggest the chameleon insert if you wanted organization. My small worked well in the Jillian. I don't know the other Koobas so I can't comment on that.
  14. I got hubby to stretch open the hole both ways and I got about a 12 inch area. This would depend on how loose or tight you tie the bow. You can untie the bow and retie it to widen the opening.
  15. Thank you very much!

    I actually had a dream last night that I got the bag and the openning was too small and couldn't get anything in it :wtf:

    And thanks Judie, I think I am going to order the small chameleon.