Kooba Elisha in Brown

Jun 15, 2007
hey all!
I got the Kooba Elisha in Brown from the Nordies anniversary sale last mo. I am not sure if I should keep it. I love the color but not sure on the trim. Anyone have it? Thoughts? It's a great price so I am debating- once it's returned it's gone. I only have a Kooba Ginger in black and I like the Elisha better but not sure I need both (they are a bit similar with the sash....)

would love to hear from anyone that has the Brown one and thoughts on it and the trim.
Aug 29, 2008
Austin, Texas
I ordered the brown Elisha last week so it should be here this next week. I'll let you know how I like it when it comes in. I love the color and style of it, so I'm pretty stoked.


Feb 22, 2007
I have it in brown, although I haven't carried it yet. I also have the Elisha in black and it is a wonderful bag! It fits so nicely over your shoulder and holds quite a bit, but doesn't have that bulky look. I'm not nuts about the dull gold hardware on either bag, but the purse itself is so nice that it no longers bothers me at all...which I why I bought a 2nd one and will enjoy using it this fall!


Bonafide Bag Hag
Jun 20, 2007
Sunny Florida USA
I like the Elisha with my favorite color being the red. It had such wonderful, thick, cushy leather too. Do the newer ones have the thick leather? I heard they were thinner.


Aug 14, 2008
My friend has the Elisha in Black and she wears it all the time. Its a perfect size fitting a lot of stuff without looking like an oversized bag. Best of all, she says its her most comfortable bag.


Aug 22, 2008
Hi- I just ordered & received the brown Elisha from Kooba yesterday- I love it. Ginger is a beauty too....i really like the brown color, looks like it will age so nicely. Did you get brown with metallic accents or plain brown? I was worried about the accents ( I kinda prefer silver), but I think it looks fine with the brown. I haven't treated it yet so I'm afraid to use it until I do! Enjoy!