Kooba Elisha-color question

  1. What are all the colors the Elisha comes in?

  2. Black, white, blonde and red is all that I know. Anyone else?
  3. That's all I know too. Wouldn't you love a midnight blue or The Rose color! I think the Rose color. I think that Dusty pink shade would have been an immediate hit on the Elisha. What do you think?
  4. YES, I would be ordering an Elisha in rose immediately!
  5. That's exactly why I asked. I was really hoping it came in rose and I just couldn't find it online for some reason. :sad: Oh well.
  6. I would def love it in a Rose color. I don't have any pinkish bags. I love the Elisha but can't really decide on their current colors, but if they had it in Rose, I would not hesitate to grab it!
  7. I have a feeling you may see Elisha in other colors next season..especially if they are selling like I think they might be.