Kooba Elisha and demagnetizing

  1. I bought a Kooba Elisha a few months ago, and suddenly I'm experiencing problems with all my credit cards. The bank told me that they had been demagnetized, and the probable cause was the magnet closure on my bag. I have never demagnetized any of my cards before. Have any of you had this problem?

  2. ????. Never heard of it. I carry 3 credit cards and no problems with mine. One little magnet can do that?
  3. I know that eelskin can demagnetize credit cards, too.
  4. Maybe your Kooba bag was jealous and didn't want you buying any more bags, hence demagnitizing your card. *s
  5. I've heard they've been known to do that......:rolleyes:
  6. I used keep my cell phone in the side pocket and my phone started acting weird, and functions were dropping like flies. I figure it had somethign to do with the darn magnet as sometimes the phone would be attached to it!

    I still have over a year left on my contract and I am out a $300 phone :tdown: