Kooba Elisha already on Ebay

  1. How on earth do they get them ahead of the nice stores? And why would they sell them under retail when they don't have to?

    I suppose that is the free enterprise system at it's best. Amen.
  2. What I want to know, too.
  3. Because People who buy directly from Kooba in bulk, get huge discounts. I've been told up to 50% off. They are relatively easy to get an acct with too compared to say...Marc Jacobs. You have to show bank account statements showing HUGE balances. Because you have to plunk down a ton of money to buy in bulk.
    That's how most of the reputable dealers on eBay do this. Alot already have brick & morter stores that they buy inventory for. That's how all of these companies like Active Endeavors and JC Madison do it. How would you like to be the Kooba rep who gets the Pink Mascara Acct? So you have to think a single person is going to have to have alot of money to get to even talk to a Rep to handle their acct.
  4. *pointing to her nickname here....salesrep here!

    Oh Kooba, I know the ins and outs of repping....need a midwest rep? If so I will need LOTS of samples to do the job properly, every style in every color and I NEED IT NOW!

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Can't take to that bow! Looks like they've changed the design on the dust bag, know anything about this, Lexie? Wonder if they still weigh a ton:s
  6. maggie, i just got the natasha and it's much lighter than the other bags...i have a jessie and a sienna and they are heavy...the patent leather ones are lighter to carry...
    : )
  7. And then you will so kindly sell them to us at a discount, right??? LOLOL Make sure they send you a Sample of that Nicole....for me.
  8. Sounds good to me and uh, don't foget your friends here on TPF ... <wink> :shame:
  9. I've seen dark brown dustbags now. Maybe not in all bags. And they have changed their lining to a dark brown cotton in some bags. But one thing never changes....Koobas weigh a ton! LOL Not all but any larger bag with the heavy leather is.
  10. Wish it was in Blonde or Red
  11. My Brynne that I took back had the darker lining instead of the lavender ... never seen a dark brown dustbag though, that is new.