kooba dylan or jennifer

  1. I recently bought a kooba dylan at Nordstrom, and then saw the kooba jennifer tote on line and ordered that. I can only afford to keep one- which one do you reccommend. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I wanted to buy the Dylan, but got a fab deal on the Linda (a smaller version of the Dylan) so couldn't resist. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow.....
    On the other hand I'm sure Chinsumo will say the Jennifer...he loves his, and it looks great.
    I'm just partial of the leather in the Dylan line.
  3. I prefer the look of the Dylan personally. I'd keep that myself. However, I'd try the other bag on, b/c you already ordered it and determine which you like better.
  4. I love the Jennifer. I am probably not impartial..but I would keep the Jennifer without a second thought.

    I am waiting for a good deal to get it. I was at Saks yesterday, and I saw it up close ..the leather is so smooth. Really nice.
  5. yes when you are holding them both and see how your stuff looks in both - it will make it easier for you to decide.
  6. I've seen a lot of women around DC with the Dylan. The bag looks great on them, and I think it looks great in general. But I love my Jennifer. I get compliments on her everywhere I go.
  7. chinsumo, what is the color of you Jennifer?

    I will be ordering mine next week, and i am torn between the brown and the taupe/brown
  8. Ok guys..I got both bags. Am more confused than ever. The Dylan is gorgeous, and a true shoulder bag (which I love), but i hate the flap opening. The Jennifer is a beautiful bag (I have it in Taupe/Brown) but it is not a true shoulder bag. PLEASE, please help a confused bag addict.
  9. I got the taupe/brown from Bloomingdales. It was the only color they had. It would have been great if I got to see the brown and the black as well. But I'm really happy with my decision.
  10. I purchased both the Brown & Taupe Jennifers from the showroom & I like the brown Jennifer better. And between the Dylan and the Jennifer, Jennifer hands down!