Kooba Devin v. Botkier Sasha Duffle

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  1. Hi, guys, I need some help with this. I have a Kooba Devin in black suede (it was my first Kooba and I love it!). Today, I ordered a Botkier Sasha Duffle from Active Endeavors in black (and initiated my purse ban, but that's another story). Now I'm worried that these bags may be too similar. I know at first glance they don't seem that much alike, but then I'm wondering if I really need two black hobos. The Sasha doesn't have to be carried as a hobo, but that's probably how I would usually use it.

    In the AE pictures, they don't seem at all similar:

    Here is the Sasha:

    And the Devin:

    But what got me thinking were the pictures in the first post of this thread from the winner of last month's tPF bag giveaway. It definitely make the Sasha look more hobo-ish:


    What do you all think? I'm just wondering if I should have gone with another color. But I'm thinking that I would use the Sasha as a carry-on for travel and also as a work bag for days when I have more to haul around, and black is probably a more practical color for me based on what I would be likely to wear.
  2. I don't have either of those bags, so I'm no help. But now you've got me looking for a Sasha!! They look pretty fab in those pics !
  3. Aren't we bad? :smile: I have been wanting the Sasha for a long time. All those pictures with Angelina make it look so good! If it works for her with four kids, it should definitely work for me with one!
  4. Do you think it's too big? Are you looking at the duffle, satchel or hobo?? I a looking at the hobo and I think that I've totally lost my marbles...:wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  5. Some Angelina Jolie with Sasha pics:
    AJolie%20bag.jpg botkier2.jpg irissinger_1970_10224462.jpg angelina-jolie-botkier-bag3.jpg angelina-jolie-botkier-bag1.jpg
  6. Well, the duffle does seem enormous looking at what the dimensions are, but in pictures it looks pretty good. Not the AE pictures - those make the bag look huge! But I am also thinking I would probably use it more for travel/work than as an everyday bag. I think it would be a great carry-on that can fit a lot, but still look nice. I still haven't seen it in person yet, though, so I don't really know.

    I think the hobo isn't nearly as big, but I haven't seen that IRL either. I have a Sasha satchel, and while it fits a lot, it is not a huge bag. I would consider it a good-size, normal purse. Smaller than the Sienna, for a comparison. The leather is so slouchy that if you don't have much in it, it's not so big, but it can expand to fit a lot if need be.
  7. Thanks a lot!! That was very helpful! Don't you love how AJ can just throw on a white purse while wearing all black and look totally fine?? And Brad Pitt has a man purse of his own in that first pic? Gotta love them...
  8. I have the Sasha Duffle in pudding and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...it looks huge in photos, but in RL, it is slouchy so it doesn't seem as large. And its super soft and not heavy at all...
  9. I am now so excited because I just ordered the same one off eBay. Cant wait to get it! But wait, I think I got the Sasha hobo actually. I wonder if that is similar..
  10. shewolfy12 I have the Sasha hobo in chocolate. I havent used it yet cause I am thinking I might want to get the bigger duffle. I cant decide yet. I remember the duffle being really big. Let me know what you think of your bag when you get it.
  11. OOOOOooooooooo I love the chocolate color! I will let you know!! She went on vaca so I won't be getting it for probably a week and a half...
  12. Oh yes, that bag looks cool Lisa!! Especially on AJ!! (but I'm sure better on you!) She's been lugging that white bag around all summer and I never knew what it was :smile: Until now!

  13. I can't wait to get it!!!!!!!:heart: Did you get the TLC yet from Wilson's????
  14. No!! I haven't yet..and it's been raining so I need to be careful!!
  15. I just got my Sasha duffle. It's funny - it's not nearly as huge as I thought it would be after hearing about it here and seeing the pics on AE. There may be some discrepancy related to a prior season's version, from what I've read. I think the dimensions of earlier bags were bigger than this year's.

    It's a beautiful bag, very well-made. I'll have to see exactly how it's going to fit into my bag lifestyle. I was originally thinking carry-on, which it could definitely be, but I wanted to fit my LV Speedy 30 into it for my upcoming trip. It does fit, but it's a bit of a tighter fit than I thought it would be (I was envisioning this absolutely huge, cavernous bag). I certainly will be able to fit in that and a lot more, but we'll have to see how it works out. Without anything in it, it squishes down and seems smaller, but a lot will fit in there. I do think it will be a great bag for work on days when I have to carry a lot.

    As for the original reason I started the thread - comparing it to the Kooba Devin - they are very different bags. I did go with black for the Sasha also, but I think I will be using them in different settings, despite them both having hobo capabilities. Or maybe I'm just rationalizing! ;)