Kooba Devin in 3 colors on Ebay

  1. OOOOOOOH I hope my stuff on eBay sells so I can spend the money right away on one of those! :biggrin:
  2. Does Anyone Know Is She Reputable????????
  3. I think I like the Devin better than the Elisha for the same reason I like the Carla better than the Ginger - though both are nice I like the shape and strap length better in the Devin/Carla.

    Nice prices, is she a trusted seller? Love the red color!
  4. All I will say is I have bought from her once and it was fine. Her feedback is pretty high without a bad percentage. I wrote her asking a question and she responded back to me quickly and friendly. Obviously these aren't counterfieted....yet and she shows many good pics.

    Looks like she probably runs a boutique with all the clothes she sells.