Kooba - Desert vs Cognac color - are they the same?

  1. Or are they different? Thanks.
  2. Different. I had a Marcelle in Cognac. It's a rich deeper almost whiskey color. The Desert is a paler sandy color.
  3. Thanks - which look better in person in your opinion?
  4. I never have cared for the Desert Sand color myself but I think it's a personal preference. I love Cognac.
  5. In this thread (I hope this is the right link...my computer is messing up) I have a pic of the cognac color and the desert color on a Chiara and a Sienna.

    I didn't end up keeping either bag, but you can at least see the differences. :yes:

  6. I have heard problems with the Desert color either fading or suffering transfer stains- probably because it's a lighter color. Between the two, I would pick the cognac!
  7. I have the Sienna in desert and even though I just used it a couple of times (10 the most) the leather gets a dirty looking patina and it stains easily. I would never buy this colour again as my hardly used bag looks like 10 years old.