Kooba customer service is GREAT!

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  1. I just called their online sales at 323.325.9819 and they are great. I asked about the wine metallic carly i was eye-balling. they said put me on hold to contact another department and the final answer is.... they have to contact the warehouse and will call me directly with the answer.

    bottom line is they speak clear english, nice and are willing to get my answer!
  2. Customer service just called. It is leather and much softer than their normal leather.
  3. Let us know when you call Customer Service with a real problem.
  4. ^Yeah, if they've improved their customer service, that's great, but I doubt it!
  5. eh.. maybe i just got lucky with a good rep. :sweatdrop:
  6. If Kooba has improved their customer service, it wasn't a day too early...wonder how many sales they lost due to previously notoriously bad attitude...
  7. Wow. I think this is the first time we've ever heard anything good about Kooba's service. They must have more time now that they're selling less bags. LOL...
  8. LOL i did not know their customer serviced sucked so badly. But still it had to be better than payfoes lol:roflmfao:
  9. Yup, there has been tons of disappointment here with Kooba's service. So unfortunate! :tdown:
  10. I am truly blessed to get a fast response on my question which was forwarded to their warehouse directly! Now my goal is to find a bag i can touch all day long! carly or elisha! i sadly have a bag that kinda looks like a mix of the two from ninewest but i refuse to wear it because it has track marks on the back from being run over in the store and abuse in the clearance bin.. i just had to have it! now i want leather!!
  11. ^Yes, you were very blessed to actually get help from Kooba CS. Unless, like mentioned above, they have more time now, and are trying to boost sales!

  12. Ha, ha, ha!! Oh.....sorry! I don't want to be cynical, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm glad the OP has had great customer service for her original question, though.
  13. I didn't know Kooba even HAD a CS dept. :P
  14. Well, I'm not convinced. I'm sure Kooba is finding it tough at the moment and are desperate for sales, but just wait until you have a problem with one of your Kooba's, then they won't want to know! I would never buy direct from Kooba due to their after sales customer service, or lack of.
  15. I agree with Mini; however, Joelle had a zipper pull missing or something similar and they actually sent her the part, which shocked me. I called them to see if I could buy a replacement dust bag for one of mine and was told they don't "sell or give away" dust bags.