Kooba Cream Sienna

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  1. First off hey y'all! New to the board :love:

    I want to get a cream Kooba Sienna, same as Sienna Miller has. But I'm not sure where to get it online and am afraid of fakes on ebay. Are there ANY auth ones on ebay? How do you tell? Are there online sites where I could get one on sale?

    also I am quite small so would the Kooba be too large for me, I'm only 5 feet?
  2. hi there, i'm new here too! i was on shopbop.com this morning and saw the cream sienna for less than $600. hope that helps!
  3. This place has it and you can get 30% off with the toutie coupon code, let me know if you need help getting the code
  4. I know shopbob.com and pinkmascara.com both have them. Not sure about a sale tho..
  5. You can order it directly through kooba.com. They have a great customer service.
  6. "toutie 30%" is what you will need to enter
  7. thank you, you beat me to it.
  8. I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning. :P

    I am interested to see how the ordering of these Sienna's pan out. I stopped in that store on Saturday, as I was in the area. From what I gathered from the SA, they only have one of each style. It is a very small boutique.
  9. The Scarlett is a small version of the Sienna, if you are concerned about the size...
  10. I'm only 5'2", very petite and I just ordered the Sienna in Cream from the Karizma web site. I tried it on a few months ago at Nieman Marcus and I thought it fit great, no problem - but I like larger bags and totes too.:amuse: I've got 4 kids and there's alway plenty of stuff to lug around. If you don't carry much and don't need more room, I'd definitely consider the Scarlett. It's cute too!
  11. yayagirl6, I just ordered the Kooba Sienna in Cream from Karizma Boutique last night, and still haven't received an email confirmation, did yours take awhile or did they not even send one. I'm just curious, I want to make sure I get it. Thanks
  12. to shelley,

    I ordered the kooba sienna in cognac a week ago from Karizma and received no order confirmation via email. So, i emailed the customer service and got confirmed. looks like they don't have automatic email confirmation. but, no problem. if you're nervous, try to email them. hope this make you feel better ;)
  13. Jersey,
    Thanks so much. I feel so much better now. I'll email them right now. Do you love your sienna? I'm so excited to get mine. It was such a great deal.
  14. Shelley-I ordered a cognac sienna from them last weekend. I never received an e-mail or anything from them.My sienna arrived thursday-I :love: it! Hope you enjoy yours!:biggrin: