Kooba Color???

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  1. Ok.....I finally decided to get a sienna...now which color? The first is the cognac, the second is luggage...HELP!!!!!
    koobac.jpg koobal.jpg
  2. Tough choice, but I'd go with the cognac.
  3. I like the luggage. It's more unusual.
  4. I'm loving the cognac! It really stands out for me and just as versatile :love:
  5. I want to say Cognac, but I see so many people with Siennas in that color, so I'm going to say Luggage.
  6. I love the cognac:biggrin:
  7. cognac:smile:
  8. I agree, the Luggage is unique and you can wear it in any season too!
  9. cognac
  10. Luggage!
  11. drlisa- which color did you choose? You can't go wrong with either! I ordered the cognac this morning. I originally ordered the black last friday and by sunday decided I really wanted the cognac. As luck would have it I accidentally typed in the wrong exp date on my cc and the company stopped the transaction. Yea! Now I don't have to send it back!
  12. Cognac! both are very pretty
  13. I love that luggage color but pictures can be deceiving. Considering the flash, I think cognac may be a better color!
  14. The cognac.:love:
  15. I think I am going to go with the cognac, but I just found the Tan Fendi Spy Hobo that I AM IN LOVE WITH!!! ( I just posted something about that one too)