KOOBA color rubbing off?

  1. Hi- I purchased a KOOBA Paige bag in raisin from a reputable seller on ebay last month, and the color has begun to rub off in some spots. I searched this forum, and found some previous posts with others who had had similar experiences, but I am really bummed!:crybaby: Does anyone have any ideas about how to correct this problem? I emailed Kooba directly, but I have a feeling that they won't be to keen on helping me out since this purchase was made thru ebay. I did use my Amex card, so maybe I should go through their purchase protection. Any help, or thoughts would be appreciated. :sad:
  2. Oh No, I'm not sure what to do in this case. Kooba won't take the bag back if bought on Ebay. Maybe you can contact the seller and if they are nice enough they'd take the bag back and go through Kooba directly to take care of it.
    I have a Jessie in Raisin but no problem with the color rubbing off. Is it coming off onto clothes or off the bag itself? What does it look like under it? Did you get anything on it like perfume or alcohol?
  3. It's really strange, the color hasn't rubbed off on any of my clothes?! But, it very definitely has two big areas where the color has been rubbed off and it is the area that is closest to my body when I wear the bag over my shoulder.
    I didn't get anything on it either!

    I am sad, it is such a beautiful color... :sad:
  4. Good luck getting a reply from Kooba. I purchased a bag directly from their website and I had a problem with it. I emailed them twice with no response. If you didn't even buy the bag from them, it's doubtful you'll get any help. Perhaps call them directly? Or just ask Lexxie! :smile: :yes:
  5. I don't know what's up with the way they dye the leather now. Years ago I never even thought about the color rubbing off my bags. Recently with a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, a card came with it warning about the color transfer!! It's definitely authentic (not eBay, but a reputable online store) so I'm amazed that the leather can't be finished so the color stays where it should.

    Wish I had a solution for you, but I don't. We're in the same boat.
  6. Well, all I can say is that it is crappy quality IMO that the bags are doing this!
    This is not some cheap-o bag, and while I realize spending $500-600 for a handbag is not a lot to some people- it is to me, and I am bummed that this has happened. If I had known it would do this, it would have been a deal-
    breaker, and I would not have purchased it!

    Since I used my Amex to purchase the bag, I have filed a "purchase protection claim," and hopefully they will reimburse me for the cost of the bag. They may want me to try to have the bag reconditioned, but I got a quote for that today, and am told that there is no guarantee that it will not happen again! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!:s
  7. Wow, that completely changes my opinion of Kooba! ****ty customer service and color coming off? $645 is no small potatoes. It's not like you shouldn't expect a lot!
    Raisin Paige was my favorite Koob too.
  8. My thoughts exactly!
  9. This post is not intended for any one person or bag but to all bags that we have found to have some how crossed the poor quality line after being labeled a must have.

    This post is actually funny to me. I posted a thread a while ago asking why people dont give the newer designers a chance (like Shalon and Piero Guidi) who have quality bags (some made by the same manufacturers as Versace and Dolce and Gabanna). The responses I received were that "We do not want to get stuck with a piece of crap." Thats not the reason at all. Its only because they are not popular names. I asked why they keep buying the same old tired bags over and over just because of who made it. A lot of the new designers have quality products. It seems to me that these well known designers are beginning to take shortcuts and save a few bucks where quallity is concerned because they know you are going to buy it just to flaunt their name. I mean, come on, how many posts and threads have you seen complaining about how this popular designer is having his bags made in China now or this designer is using a lesser quality canvas now. Too many! Wake up people the designers know you are hooked to their names alone and will buy it just cause. It might as well read Kooba(or whoever) Crap Bag. You would still purchase them just because of who made it and some celeb toted it on their arm.

    Its funny how people can see a bag and think its nothing but the minute it makes a mag on a celebs arm its the almighty must have/It bag. Take a page from the celebs who find these designers first. They are obviously going out and looking for something different to carry on they arm. (when celebrity seeding is not involved) Thats how you were able to see it in a mag and label it must have in the first place, right. It takes someone elses originality and need to be different before you take notice. Okay I see how it works now.
  10. You know, the funny thing is I really do take a lot of time to shop around for a new handbag since I only treat myself twice a year. (Once Spring/Summer bag, and one Fall/Winter bag.) I had looked at the Kooba's quality, touched it, and mulled it over for several weeks, as well as checked posts about the bag. I guess one just never knows.

    And as far as giving newer desingers a chance, I am totally game. Especially now! ;)