Kooba Color Question (Older Color): Cognac

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  1. Hey guys! An older "boring" question, but when thinking back on the color "cognac" like for the Marcelles, Claudias, etc., was it an orange brown or more of a golden brown? Was it pretty? I tried to google it, and nothing came up! I remember the desert color was more of a sandish-brown but darnit if I can't picture the cognac. Was it a popular color?????:confused1:
  2. I always thought the cognac Claudia was a bit orange:


    But the cognac Marcelle is definitely more a warm brown (wearing her today, infact :tup:):


    I think there was thread a few months back where someone posted pics of their new cognac Marcelle. I thought they gave a really great, true indication of the color. I remember the cognac as being most popular with the Claudia and the Marcelle, but then those were the only two cognacs I was into so I'm not the best person to answer this. I'm not sure what other bag styles may have come out in cognac.
  3. Cognac seemed to look different in different bags. Like Kooba Me said, in The Marcelle it is a warm golden brown. In some other bags I've seen in looks a little orange-ish and I had a Cognac Sienna for awhile that looked rather dull and flat. I think it was a color name they threw on any bag that was a brownish color...LOL
  4. How about the Lucy??
  5. I did a search on that too and all her pictures were little question marks...boo....:sad:
  6. Darn it!!!!! Now I want a Marcelle! Seen a few! This bag is very sexy....and probably hard to come by......Congrats to those who own one. Keep it!!!!!
  7. It's not orangy at all! It's more of a medium golden brown, I guess. Here are some pics of my Chiara in Cognac.
    chiaraoutside.jpg chiaraworn3.jpg
  8. BagLuver: That's so funny - I had a cognac Chiara for a very brief time and it wasn't as warm a color as yours! It was much more like the pic on the NM website.

    One thing I will say about the cognacs I have/have had, they distress very easily. Gorgeous, but man that Chiara scratched if you looked at it sideways! Do you find you have the same problem with yours?

    P.S. Yours is a gorgeous brown! Much more like my cognac Marcelle.
  9. LOL!

    It is *definitely* sexy! I have a Desert, Ivory, and Cognac Marcelle. I had a Moss one very briefly, but returned it because it had some weird staining on one side from being handled (either in the store or used and returned). I'm determined to find a black one and/or a toffee. I just love this bag!
  10. Glad to hear that KoobaMe. I just received my ivory Marcelle and haven't used it yet. I think I will tomorrow though. It looks to be a great size.
  11. My older cognac Kooba (name unknown) is def more orange than brown, but I really like it 'cause its very unusual.
    Kooba Cognac Midrange.jpg
  12. Ooooh! Congrats! Just wait until you wear it a few times and the leather begins to relax - it's wonderful!
  13. Lexie's point is spot on - it really looks like the color is different in different bags.

    What a neat style - what are the bags dimensions?
  14. Wow. She's purty! Hey - did the Chiaras ever have the older khaki green lining like those older Claudias? You know - they used to make the old suede lining out of a green color and then they changed to the lilac lining? I'm wondering if the cognacs are different because they come from different seasons. I mean, I've seen black Claudias with green lining and the newer season ones had lavender insides.....now obviously black doesn't change, but maybe it was a different batch of "cognac"? Bagluver - does your Chiara have the green or lavender lining?
  15. Mine has the lavendar lining. I bought her from Off 5th in August 2006.

    Wow - it's interesting to see how different this color looks on different bags!

    KoobaMe, the leather does distress somewhat easier than other colors, but I think the color actually looks better a little distressed.