Kooba Claudia/Chiara

  1. I am finding myself really wanting a Claudia or Chiara in black, but are they out of style now?

    I want to say no, but it has been quite a few seasons and I don't think they brought that bag back this season...Help, I don't want to be a Fashion DON't..lol
  2. i just brought my ivory chiara out of hibernation and i still love it! new bags and "it" bags are great but it's nice to have older bags that aren't really popular anymore too. i will definitely be using it all summer.
  3. sosti, if you like it, I think you should get it and with this being an older bag, you might me able to get a great deal:smile:
  4. I've been looking for a chiara or farrah myself. I think the hobo style is pretty timeless. There's a black claudia on eBay that looks pretty good to me, except there's no photos of the inside, or the zipper pull. (You may want to ask the ladies here that are more knowledgeable than me!) Maybe you could e-mail and ask for some photos, no bids at $149, but it ends in 21 hours!
  5. What a deal on that Claudia! I never cared for hobo bags so I have none of the Kooba ones. I'd like the Taylor out of all of them. It is a smaller Farrah. I love the brown with champaigne whipstitching.
  6. Thanks everyone.. I think i am going to get the Claudia on eBay.. :smile: