KOOBA CHIARA...yesterdays news?

  1. that small hobo, kooba chiara, thats been around for a while, but is it old news?
  2. I have it; it's great. I have it in green!
  3. I really like that bag, but every time I think about buying I remember how easily it scratches. I saw a "display model" at NM and it had all these scratches on it.
  4. I think they are cute. I don't care much about trends so if I like the bag that is all that matters. I couldn't keep up with the trends anyway. Too much money involved always trying to stay current. I believe the Sienna/Marcelle trend is is way over but they are still 2 of my favs.
  5. I like the bag. I think BG has it on sale.
  6. At some point, hobos will be "out" again, but I don't think we're at that stage yet.
  7. Hopefully not any time soon I LOVE hobos too much to let them go! LOL!