Kooba Chestnut Color Owners, Question

  1. mine looks lilke the one on eBay
  2. Thanks Bessie. I meanwhile called the outlet and they directed me to one just south of me in Sunrise who has several of them. The manager told me to take mine in if I was unhappy with the color and exchange it. Said sometimes the dye can vary. Dunno that I will exchange it but I think I will go in and compare and pick out which one I really like since I have the chance to. What the heck, right?

    I am a nut LOL. Any excuse to go in and check out what else they have too.
  3. wait there is a kooba outlet?!!?!?!?!

    explain!! :smile: please

    where did you buy your kooba?

    i love that you changed your icon to the kooba logo, that suits you!

    i personally love the deep dark color of my bag but its all what you think looks best you know?
  4. No, no. Not a Kooba outlet, but that would be sooo nice, wouldn't it? This is the Saks outlet, Off Fifth. I am told Koobas vary a bit in color. The girl at this other location told me they got this Kooba shipment in and it is distressed looking, not in texture but in color, a lot of them are dark with light points, lots of contrast in the color and braiding. So we will see, b/c I am not positive what that even means til I see it.
  5. Hey, we want to go with you! *s