Kooba Charlie

  1. Was in Bloomies last night checking out the bags and saw the Kooba Charlie and Nicole for the first time IRL. They both look so different IRL.:wtf: Anyway, the Nicole is definitely not for me (and I almost bought one online), but I love, love, love the Charlie. They only had it in black though, so I didn't see the other colors. I'm between the ivory and the luggage. I can't really justify another white bag, but I'm concerned about the luggage color. Can someone please try and describe the color to me IRL? I'm hoping it's much lighter than what I've seen online. I really want this bag for summer and the color online looks like a fall color.

    Also, would I be able to get the first time customer Revolve discount on this bag? If not, does anyone know where I can find it a little cheaper?
  2. Here's my Luggage Nicole which is true to color I think (on my computer anyway).


    P.S. That is my husband and not me with the bag in case you wondered. Or maybe I don't call myself the Kooba Queen for nothin' !!LOLOL
  3. SUCH a sexy modeling picture. it looks FAHHHHHBULOUS dahling!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Love:heart: that colour!
  5. Thanks Lexie, yip too dark for me. Now, I have to think of an excuse as to why I need another black/ white bag.
  6. The room we took it in was darker. In a lightened room or outside it would probably look more like this. Slightly lighter but not much.

  7. I have got it, from what I have seen of online pics, I expected it to be darker than it is.

    Although I was disappointed at first, it is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so pleased with it.

  8. it's so PURDY...
  9. Here is mine, this is really confusing, think it is my monitor setting.

    It is much lighter on OH's pc, I think, maybe I have my contrast right down, as the bright white background is :wtf: .

    I would say it is a light tan colour. It is gorgeous though.
  10. I think it must be the differences in computers. Your look really dark to me like a deep whiskey color and much darker than mine. Another reason buying on line is so hard. Until you get it you just can't tell.
  11. it's pretty!
  12. I just was shopping in Nordstrom's yesterday, and I thought to myself "I need a dusky pinky nude colored bag"... and quite literally the FIRST bag I saw was the Charlie in Rose. OMG. Swoon. First of all, the rose color on the Kooba website and the rose color I bought are not the same - my bag is much lighter and more of a nude pink. The leather is wonderful. The closure is well designed, sexy and highly functional. The bag has some bulk, but it is not as heavy as it would appear.

    So, last night I put away the black Ramona and spring as officially begun!

    Oh, and I was weak and also got the Gustto Torlia shoulderbag and this delicious blue color.


  13. Can someone post pics of the charlie on thier shoulder? I have not seen this bag in person, and really want to get one, but feel like I need to see it "in action" before I can pull the trigger and get it. I'm afraid that I won't like the way it hangs so low on the shoulder strap, but I'm tall (5'9") so I feel like it probably wouldn't be as low on me... I just don't want it to look too "messenger bag-y", but want it to look chic! Not saying that a messenger bag can't look chic, but I'm carrying this handbag and a briefcase through the city to work everyday and I don't want to look like I'm toting luggage to and from work!
  14. You got a Gustto Torlia??? Any pics? Please :smile: . Where did you get it? The only place I've seen it is on NM online, and that green color is TDF!
  15. By any chance, is the long shoulder strap long enough to wear crossbody?