Kooba Charlie vs. MJ Blake

  1. I have seen the Blake in person, I have not seen Charlie, but I like the looks on the website.

    What are you feelings on these two and which would you pick?

    There is about a $250 dollar difference - is that a huge difference when it comes to quality?

  2. Never owned a Kooba but def MJ all the way!!! Love the quality of MJ bags. I have a MJ Elise and it's so yummy!
  3. I like both bags, but I prefer MJ to Kooba. I love my Blake!
  4. Definitely the MJ! I think the Blake is a classic that will always be in style, and versatile for work or play. I also think it will hold up much better--if you check out the Kooba board a lot of folks have had quality/scratching issues coming up with the Charlie bag.
  5. My vote is for the Charlie, it's such a nice feminine bag and the leather is TDF. What color were you thinking of getting?
  6. I found the Charlie leather to be very sensative. It's a gorgeous bag and very functionable, dressy and casual all in one, but I had mine only a very short time before it was picking up all kind of mars. Boy do I love my Koobas but this bag was not for me. I had the Rose color (light pink) so maybe a dark color would work better.
  7. I had not seen the Charlie before, so went and found a photo (from Eluxury):
    Here is the Blake:

    I have a Blake, and I can tell you that if you chose a good color, you'll be able to carry the Blake forever! There are the pushlock pockets on the front to hold stuff, and two zippered compartments to hold stuff. In between the zippered pockets is a compartment that closes with a magnetic snap. It is really easy to stay organized with the Blake. I don't know that much about the Charlie, but it looks nice, too.
  8. Thanks for all of your responces.

    In the Blake I was thinking of the "peanut" and the Charlie the "luggage".

    As you can tell I like dark colors. Usually black, but these just didn't impress me in black.

    Please keep the suggestions coming!

  9. Okay, if it's the luggage Charlie, you're thinking of, I would recommend checking it out IRL. I saw it in Bloomies yesterday and it's not a good brown imo. I have the Charlie in black though and love it. Like Lexie said the leather is sensitive, but the black is okay.

    I find the Blake a little blah, but maybe in a fabulous rich brown.
  10. Blake, definitely!! Like others have said, you will still be able to use it in 10 years and it will look as good as it does now.
  11. Thanks for your help. I do want to be able to use it in 10 years. So Blake is the winner at this point. But who knows when the fall/winter collections come out :smile:

    I really can not believe how many "designers" there are that I never had heard of until I joined this list.

    Thanks! You have opened my eyes up to so much more!