Kooba Charlie & NIna!!! ABOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

  1. I had to peek. Just had to. I got my bags from LNinos. I can't believe how gorgeous the Rose color is IRL. And I know I said I was probably going to sell the Nina cause it's small, and it is, but my husband LOVES it. Says it's one of the best Koobas. So I am keeping it for my small carrying days. It's the beautiful slate and has the heaviest chunkiest chain handle that makes it Rock! I decided I am going to sell my Luggage Nicole since I never used it yet and I have plently of brown bags, and really, the Charlie and Nicole are similar in looks but the Charlie has it going on with it's flip closing, and long optional shoulder strap.
    Pics tonight!!!
  2. And it's a great great day and I am happy anyway because My Moms Chest XRay, Mammo, and Bloodwork, is all wonderful and good!!!!!!! I was so afraid because Cancer is so insideous.
  3. All around congrats! Wonderful to end your day with good news about your mom!

    I'm currently lusting after the Ivory Charlie, how lucky of you to get the rose! Enjoy!
  4. I add my congrats for mom and bags as well!!

  5. WOOHOO for your mom!!! :yahoo:
  6. Is the leather on the Charlie soft?
  7. Congrats for your mom ! I'm soo happy for you both!
  8. It's light a weight off your chest, isn't it, Lexie? Great news for you and your mom!
  9. Wonderful news, it IS a good day!

    (And we are all REALLY looking forward to those pictures, hint, hint):yes:
  10. So glad to hear the good news about your Mom!!!
  11. Here's some on the Nina. Hubby held it for me. It is a sweet bag. Love the Chain!





  12. Now the Charlie. The leather is very nice. It's smooth and pliable but if you mean squishy soft, I would say No.



  13. Here's the inside and Top of the Charlie. I really like the top closure. Easy to get in and out of. The color of this bag is so much nicer on this bag than the Nicole I think. I don't know why.


  14. Congrats !!!!!:drool:
  15. Absolutely beautiful, both of them!
    And I have to say I think it's absolutely adorable that your hubby was holding it for you :king: (and even put it on! :smile: )- TOO CUTE!!! Gave me a nice giggle, thanks:smile:
    And congratulations on your mom's good news! :tender: