Kooba Charlie: is it still available in black?

  1. Ladies,
    This is my first time on this board bc i'm in the search of the Kooba Charlie bag...I saw it on another post in black and I just love love love it. Does any1 know where I can get it besides eBay??? thx ;)

    Btw, how u ladies like urs?? is it bigger than the LV Speedy 25 bag??
  2. I think it is still available in black. I saw it on sale at Funkylala or another online place, that wasn't one of the big ones. I'd check the smaller stores inventory and see what turns up. I don't know about the size- I've never had that bag.
  3. I have the Kooba Charlie in black leather, it's much bigger than the speedy 25. I would even say it's a little bigger than the speedy 30. It's more comparable to a speedy 35. Hope this helps!
  4. thanks for the info.

    Does any1 know what other small stores online have the Kooba Charlie in black???? thax