Kooba Charlie in black and camel $258

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  1. great info! i with they had the nicole, too! thanks for posting.
  2. thanks for posting! i snuck in and got one before they were all gone! and now...they are gone!
  3. they are all gone in black that is....they still have the camel color...they are part of the 2007 spring so it MUST be a mistake...!
  4. great deals. thanks for posting! i grabbed the blondie for $124, no shipping and tax :yahoo: !! oh maybe i shouldn't get excited just yet... orders always get cancelled these days. Both black and camel charlies are still there!
  5. I got a Charlie too-but they have got to realize that they made an error by now!:yahoo:
  6. both are gone now...boo hoo....:crybaby:
  7. really?? i still see it listed! check again!
  8. no way to add it to the cart.. they are just still pics.
  9. I got the last bonnie! yea!! :smile:
  11. Girls, don't get too excited! I bought at a Josie at $124.00, clicked to pay and my receipt said $245.70. I flipped! So I called the store and the price online is wrong, Brian said. He explained that it was a new Kooba and that Kooba would have a problem with them selling it that low and that they were trying to change the website price. I cancelled my order and hopefully will not have a problem with that! During my frantic phone call I burned my fish! Good grief, how disappointing.
  12. I just checked my email confirmation, and my bonnie went through at $124. Guess I got the deal just before they fixed the price because now it says the price is $278
  13. I got an email confirmation from Brian for my Charley that stated $258 so I am assuming they had to sell it to me for that price.:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.